Interesting tactic, el Foursquare

24 02 2011

Earlier today, a colleague tweeted generally to ask how many Foursquare users there are. I happened to have that stat, so pinged him a quick link back about the US stats, but including a comment that I’m not sure about the UK stats.

Scenario over. Or so I thought. A few hours later I noticed a tweet to me and others.

Odd, I thought – I’ve not contributed anything today (except I suppose, to the economy and my company, and the general good cheer around me of course). Click the link and it takes you to a newsletter – filled with content about Foursquare. Relevant content, organised neatly and published simply. And each article is credited to a Twitter account, with original Tweet in a hover box.

Clearly, Foursquare wanted to publish content, but instead of writing their own, they have a Social Media listening tool that enables them to easily collate the content that other people are talking about or sharing, and publish to their followers/subscribers. Idio have a platform that do this, I presume there are more offerings in the market.

How to make content easy and always relevant? Re-publish conversations happening now. Genius. No mess no fuss.

Also, if Foursquare want to step up efforts and add other components of ‘content’, it’s easy to build up from the bottom of the pyramid, innit?

Quora: Only for USA?

13 01 2011

So buzz buzz buzz about Quora. I haven’t yet formed a solid opinion about it, but at the moment it seems a bit hype-y and, like the rest of the world, suspect that it may deteriorate rather fast into Yahoo Answers. Even if co-founder Charlie Cheever thinks that the ‘onboarding process’ will educate people on how to use it well.

But I’m using it. Probably not in the right way but trying to do a little research at the same time. I posted a question yesterday and then, reading this article about how to Hyperlocalise Quora, I was reminded that I had a question going and to check the responses. And I found this.

Who is Alison Stanton? Looks like an editor to me. Does she work for Quora? If so, then Quora’s drawn a line in the sand and stipulating that content must be American-ised. And therefore missing out on one of the biggest trends in Digital – Localisation.

Petulantly, I’ve changed it back to ‘prioritised’. Let’s see what happens!

Playing with Hootsuite Pro…

12 01 2011

Playing with Hootsuite Pro… Is this going to publish?
The answer – yes. Did it do it right? No. Basically Hootsuite is designed for micro-blogging so it’s not got a field to add a title, and so it just repeats what you enter!

That aside, from the massive research I’ve done on social media management and listening tools over the past weeks, Hootsuite seems like the best offering. What I’m excited about:

  • Hootsuite combines publishing management with listening tools (how in depth these listening tools are have yet to be established!)
  • It’s an aggregated platform for social media, with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress and more.
  • There seems to be a good tracking type tool – almost a social CRM
  • Twitter search is allegedly local.
  • What I hope Hootsuite’s going to offer:

    • Search from a designated location – not from your actual location (or location of your server)
    • Listening tools that search the web for other blogs and forums and so on, a wider net than they currently have

    I’ll report back in my search for a good, local social media management tool as it happens! Sign up and play below if you fancy*.

    HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

    *disclaimer – I did also fill out the quick + easy affiliate marketing form!

    Groupon buys TV ad space, makes Digibrock think

    11 01 2011

    So Groupon has an excellent customer acquisition strategy. $10 (£6 for every friend referral) and an aggressive online marketing campaign. Plus, up till now they had great coverage with their affiliate marketing.

    So why do they need to buy a pre-superbowl TV ad? Seems a tiny bit weird. Especially since it’s apparently the beginning of a whole larger campaign. Start-ups like Groupon challenge old school media companies for their business and then contradict their business model by saying that their marketing strategy needs TV?

    At least, that’s what I thought until I realised that customer acquisition isn’t the only priority for start-ups like Groupon. When your business is all about marketing on behalf of other companies and delivering new customer leads to those businesses, sometimes their perceptions of powerful marketing is more important than what actually delivers new customers.

    Wrong management information

    20 12 2010

    I think you’ll find, kind, purveyors of fine footware deals, that you shouldn’t make promises that you know you can’t keep!

    All I want for Christmas, is shoooooooooooooooooes!

    I wonder whether this campaign was signed off before the UK deteriorated into OMGSNOW chaos? Surely someone questioned it. Am I being a cynic or a realist? Are they trying to make me buy shoes to prove that this campaign is a big lie?

    Am I just using this as an excuse to buy some shoes?

    Check in / check out – Facebook Places & other location services

    20 12 2010

    This has now made me realise that some of my friends go to some really shockingly bad places and that my sister spends in inordinate amount of time checking into train stations. I still can’t get the point of this. I am not particularly bothered about where my friends are unless they are supposed to be meeting me and are actually somewhere else. I did have a moment of mild concern when a friend checked into a funeral parlour the other day but figured that as she was still posting to Facebook that she was still alive.

    Google Places and Bing Places however, are excellent for local SEO and findability. We’ve been banging on about how everyone should be thinking about local SEO, getting local and thinking about how people will find their shops and services unless they focus on a local presence and it’s nice to see that the big players are reinforcing our opinions. They’re also adding various transactions to the Places functionality and you can now book tables (via OpenTable) or share plans on Facebook (this may not be the best idea always – especially not when planning surprise parties and cheating on partners …)

    So, what would you use Facebook places for? Do you check in to various places regularly?

    Mary Meeker’s awesome ‘Web in 2011’ presentation

    30 11 2010

    Came across this video (which has been knocking around the internet for a couple of weeks – how behind on my feeds am I???).

    Mary Meeker from Morgan Stanley goes through some excellent slides about the digital arena as they see it in 2011. Some of it warmed the cockles of my little digital heart. Revolution. Transformation. Excitement. Innovative disruption.

    Understanding that advertising dollars follows eyes, and seeing that massive gap between the amount of investment into online advertising vs the amount of people it touches, I get a little shiver.

    Is the gap there because internet advertising is cheaper, or because many people don’t yet believe in it’s power? And how do we close the gap – is it massive teams of telesales agents talking to small businesses and chipping away at their resistance to change? Bigger above the line campaigns? Case studies and stats that show small business the effectiveness of online advertising? Or is it simply a matter of time. Probably a little bit of everything – I could research this a bit but no time. TIME! So it will have to remain a speculative matter for the moment…