One of the best things about Google Analytics …

1 06 2011

is the way that it gives you the search terms people have used to find your site. And if you’ve set up a Goal on your search box, you’ll know what they’re searching for on your site. Which in the case of my personal website, can be pretty bizarre!

Currently the top searches are “rattling mango, porno teby, where did angela langford train”. None of which make much sense. Except I do have articles on there with content about rattling mangos and Angela Langford. I’m not sure where the “porno teby” comes into play though but it amused me.

Google Analytics is great. Here is why-

  1. It tells you what pages people like.
  2. It tells you how they found those pages – which search engine and which search terms.
  3. It tells you how long people spend on your website.
  4. It tells you where your visitors come from
  5. It tells you who is new and who has been to visit you before.

So you know what to aim for when you write your copy. So you know whether your content is engaging enough. So you know whether to aim content at certain people. Which will make your users happy and they will come back again and again. And you’ll have a successful website.



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