Social Media Auto-response dealbreaker

1 03 2011

Follow a business on Twitter and get “Thanks for the follow, let’s hook up on Facebook too”. No thanks. Fan a company on Facebook and get an update in your feed to follow on Twitter too. No thanks. What’s the point?

It’s like subscribing to a feed in Google Reader and then getting an email inviting you to register for the same content in newsletter form.

Social Media is a brilliant permission based marketing tool – but do you really want the same subscriber twice? Surely not. Your click-through numbers will be lower, and while your fan/follower numbers might look healthier in a dashboard for your executives, you’ll lose subscribers to boredom and irrelevance in the long term.

I can appreciate that a person who follows you on more than one Social platform might be a ‘Super Fan’. And that might well be the answer to my question, but surely better to let those ‘Super Fans’ rise to the top of the heap themselves instead of encouraging it with an impersonal auto-response.

And while a Social Media strategy might be advanced enough to have defined different propositions for each channel, it might be a good  idea to tell me, your new fan or follower, what the point of the invitation is.

I’d like to know how many people un-follow after getting an auto-follow or auto-response… My new rule – if a business is going to be purposefully impersonal on a social channel, It’s Over. Now that’s a dealbreaker ladies!



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