Interesting tactic, el Foursquare

24 02 2011

Earlier today, a colleague tweeted generally to ask how many Foursquare users there are. I happened to have that stat, so pinged him a quick link back about the US stats, but including a comment that I’m not sure about the UK stats.

Scenario over. Or so I thought. A few hours later I noticed a tweet to me and others.

Odd, I thought – I’ve not contributed anything today (except I suppose, to the economy and my company, and the general good cheer around me of course). Click the link and it takes you to a newsletter – filled with content about Foursquare. Relevant content, organised neatly and published simply. And each article is credited to a Twitter account, with original Tweet in a hover box.

Clearly, Foursquare wanted to publish content, but instead of writing their own, they have a Social Media listening tool that enables them to easily collate the content that other people are talking about or sharing, and publish to their followers/subscribers. Idio have a platform that do this, I presume there are more offerings in the market.

How to make content easy and always relevant? Re-publish conversations happening now. Genius. No mess no fuss.

Also, if Foursquare want to step up efforts and add other components of ‘content’, it’s easy to build up from the bottom of the pyramid, innit?



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