Quora: Only for USA?

13 01 2011

So buzz buzz buzz about Quora. I haven’t yet formed a solid opinion about it, but at the moment it seems a bit hype-y and, like the rest of the world, suspect that it may deteriorate rather fast into Yahoo Answers. Even if co-founder Charlie Cheever thinks that the ‘onboarding process’ will educate people on how to use it well.

But I’m using it. Probably not in the right way but trying to do a little research at the same time. I posted a question yesterday and then, reading this article about how to Hyperlocalise Quora, I was reminded that I had a question going and to check the responses. And I found this.

Who is Alison Stanton? Looks like an editor to me. Does she work for Quora? If so, then Quora’s drawn a line in the sand and stipulating that content must be American-ised. And therefore missing out on one of the biggest trends in Digital – Localisation.

Petulantly, I’ve changed it back to ‘prioritised’. Let’s see what happens!



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