Playing with Hootsuite Pro…

12 01 2011

Playing with Hootsuite Pro… Is this going to publish?
The answer – yes. Did it do it right? No. Basically Hootsuite is designed for micro-blogging so it’s not got a field to add a title, and so it just repeats what you enter!

That aside, from the massive research I’ve done on social media management and listening tools over the past weeks, Hootsuite seems like the best offering. What I’m excited about:

  • Hootsuite combines publishing management with listening tools (how in depth these listening tools are have yet to be established!)
  • It’s an aggregated platform for social media, with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress and more.
  • There seems to be a good tracking type tool – almost a social CRM
  • Twitter search is allegedly local.
  • What I hope Hootsuite’s going to offer:

    • Search from a designated location – not from your actual location (or location of your server)
    • Listening tools that search the web for other blogs and forums and so on, a wider net than they currently have

    I’ll report back in my search for a good, local social media management tool as it happens! Sign up and play below if you fancy*.

    HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

    *disclaimer – I did also fill out the quick + easy affiliate marketing form!



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