Check in / check out – Facebook Places & other location services

20 12 2010

This has now made me realise that some of my friends go to some really shockingly bad places and that my sister spends in inordinate amount of time checking into train stations. I still can’t get the point of this. I am not particularly bothered about where my friends are unless they are supposed to be meeting me and are actually somewhere else. I did have a moment of mild concern when a friend checked into a funeral parlour the other day but figured that as she was still posting to Facebook that she was still alive.

Google Places and Bing Places however, are excellent for local SEO and findability. We’ve been banging on about how everyone should be thinking about local SEO, getting local and thinking about how people will find their shops and services unless they focus on a local presence and it’s nice to see that the big players are reinforcing our opinions. They’re also adding various transactions to the Places functionality and you can now book tables (via OpenTable) or share plans on Facebook (this may not be the best idea always – especially not when planning surprise parties and cheating on partners …)

So, what would you use Facebook places for? Do you check in to various places regularly?




One response

20 12 2010

Personally, I’m not really getting much benefit from checking in to train stations. But I do get that ‘checking-in’ has pretty cool applications for vouchering, special promotions and so on. So it’s all in the name of research really.

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