Mary Meeker’s awesome ‘Web in 2011’ presentation

30 11 2010

Came across this video (which has been knocking around the internet for a couple of weeks – how behind on my feeds am I???).

Mary Meeker from Morgan Stanley goes through some excellent slides about the digital arena as they see it in 2011. Some of it warmed the cockles of my little digital heart. Revolution. Transformation. Excitement. Innovative disruption.

Understanding that advertising dollars follows eyes, and seeing that massive gap between the amount of investment into online advertising vs the amount of people it touches, I get a little shiver.

Is the gap there because internet advertising is cheaper, or because many people don’t yet believe in it’s power? And how do we close the gap – is it massive teams of telesales agents talking to small businesses and chipping away at their resistance to change? Bigger above the line campaigns? Case studies and stats that show small business the effectiveness of online advertising? Or is it simply a matter of time. Probably a little bit of everything – I could research this a bit but no time. TIME! So it will have to remain a speculative matter for the moment…




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