Social Media and getting smarter strategy

12 10 2010

Social media and citizen journalism have always been around – they’ve just taken different forms. Just because they’re mainstream now, doesn’t mean that the big players need to be scared of them. It’s not hard to put a decent social media strategy in place, the difficult part is actually carrying it through. Long term planning and the right people can make the biggest difference to it.

Usenet and Bulletin Boards were the start of social media using the internet, but really, what else would you call the classified ads in the paper? Or that huge noticeboard up at school telling about the Debating squad?

And we’ve had citizen journalism since printing presses could be rented out, what else would you call all those little self-published propaganda leaflets published during the war?

There will always be newspapers, there will always be blogging, the trick for big companies is to realise how to harness them for their purposes – whether that’s huge advertising campaigns or sending items to be reviewed by trusted bloggers. They have their pluses and minuses. It really means that your media planners need to be a bit smarter and planning and strategy needs to take into account what is actually deliverable. After all, if you’re going to ask bloggers to do things for you, you don’t want things like this to happen




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